In our modern world where we are so accustomed to the artificial and synthetic that we have completely forgotten that there are details that should not only be comfortable and fashionable but also remain natural. The Spanish footwear tradition unites all these important criteria.

If comfort is the characteristic of many German, French and Portuguese designers then in Spain we focus on a style which is without rival. We focus on comfort which is derived from our attention to and maintenance of the molds which have been designed and made with comfort in mind. Of course we insist on natural materials in our production process.

The Spanish trademark IMARA Moda has demonstrated these characteristics of its identity throughout its twenty-year history.

Since the commencement of our production, development has continued unaltered and without changing the refined forms of our molds or the impeccable quality of our natural materials. Our special qualities incorporate richness of colour and high quality. The traditional comfort of our footwear has always stood out. The sensation and delight of our colour range, the exceptional naturalness of materials allow us to create an individual style which conquers every woman's heart. The expression of colours such as dark chestnut, camel or burgundy is the visiting card of Spanish footwear. IMARA Moda Summer Collections are distinguished by their balanced and harmonious contrasts which are without equal amongst our competitors.

Our footwear is the detail which will support and emphasize your individuality.

The idea of the IMARA Moda brand is a combination of its own peculiar style, the incorporation of exclusively natural materials, the use of new technology and the sun's heat. This heat which envelopes Spain reflects itself in our creations.